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Telecom & Technology Solutions : 
Today, communication is like a bridge between individuals, groups and organisations. Communication helps expressing themselves each others. Without communication, there is nothing possible in this world these days. Modern telecom industry encompasses communication over distance. There are certain mechanisms for communication like phones, radio, television, social media and other wireless networks. This however referred as telephony services.
Telecom & Technology industry is one of the most influential industry in the world. Telecom and technology industry includes hardware, software and related services. YGMD Ventures offers you a wide range of hardware and software solutions with respective services. Telecom industry also have immense growth and innovation.


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Hosted PBX

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Call Center Solutions

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VoIP Telephony

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Toll Free Numbers

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SIP Trunking

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Fax Services

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Intercom / EPABX

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Telephone Instruments

What points should I consider before taking telecom services?
1)  You will get your phone numbers.
2)  Your services should not be interrupted.
3)  Make sure you can cancel your services at a short notice.
4)  A well educated and talented team should be there for complains by customers.
5)  Take customers consent before starting a service.
6)  Experience & Working Style.
7)  Dependability.
8)  Efficient & Customization.
9)  Future Capabilities.
10) Talk to you in your language.
Why should I choose PCR Technologies?
1) Direct Supplier of services
2) Testimonials Contacts
3) Experienced & Talented Staff
4) Reasonable Prices
5) Better customer response team
6) Short notice cancellation of services
7) Your language support.
8) Reseller Partner Scheme
9) Trusted over 500+ clients
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