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E-Commerce Solutions:
E-commerce industry is vastly growing industry. E-commerce defines an online store that expands your business world-wide and sell online without having technical skills. Today, many of the businessmen are driving their business through e-commerce as it enahced their ROI. With a plenty of e-commerce solutions available, many of the businesses are looking for some modern solutions to make sure they will get what they want. In today's world, the businesses are growing online. The best part is it gives you worldwide presence.
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Custom Shopping Cart

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E-commerce Web Design & Development

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3rd Party App Integration

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E-commerce Marketing & SEO

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E-commerce template based design

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E-commerce custom design

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Payment Gateway Integration

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Online Marketplace Development

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Online Product Selling on our Portal

Why points should I consider before using E-Commerce ?
First of all, you have to take a call about would you really need E-Commerce. Are you really in need of selling online? What is your budget? What kind of market do you want to target? What are the geographics you want to target? Will it really be beneficial for you to everything online? Is my payment secure? 
For the answers of all these questions please contact our customer care support team at sales@ygmdventures.com
What should I consider e-commerce?
1) Global Exposure (Local to Global Seller)
2) 24*7 Availability
3) Easy setup and Running
4) Better User Experience
5) Increase your brand awareness
What points should I consider before hiring a e-commerce service provider?
1) Freelancer V/s Company : When you are willing to hire some e-commerce solution provider, you came across freelancer and companies. From our prospective, you should go for company because there are a number of professionals. If something happens to individual(freelancer), there are others who can complete your project.
2) Get Tracked previous records: Try to check from when the company is in e-commerce development. Reviews matters a lot, try to find some if you can.
3) Service Quality : Ask for previous references. Do make a check of their previous work. Check quality of websites and portal and make a wise decision.
4) Budgets: Do make a check with different companies quotations. While considering budget keep in mind services and time also.
5) Technologies: Do make a check of frameworks and technologies they use for e-commerce design and development. Also check their coding standard so that it would be easy for other developer to take on further if needed urgently.
Why should we hire you?
1) Unparalleled experience and expertise : YGMD Ventures has over 100s of website under its belt. We also take pride in expertise of our team members whether its web design, web development or online marketing. With a robust portfolio of repeactable clients from all industries, we bring our years of experience on the table while discussing projects.
2) Over 5 Years of Experience : With more than 5 years of experience, we have gained experience in different e-commerce services.
3) We Deliver Excellence: We offers strong and stable partnership. We also have clients who are associated with us since company is founded.
4) Trustworthy & On Time Delivery : We build strong relationship. We gain your trust by transparency of everything. We keep you updated at regular interval for your project to maintain satisfaction level.
5) We are flexible and innovative.